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At Astellas Pharma US, our business philosophy is to operate in a socially responsible way every day. To support this philosophy, we encourage our employees to play an active role in changing tomorrow by contributing their skills, knowledge and time within our local communities.

We operate under the concept of "corporate humanity." This concept considers a company as an organic entity - a corporation with a personality. It is our responsibility to let the humanity of Astellas shine through in everything we do, especially through honest relationships with our stakeholders.

Learn more about how we're helping our communities to live smart – see our Astellas Americas Corporate Social Responsibility Report Card.

Read about our commitment to social responsibility through our vision, values, and focus on building community.

Learn more about how we’re saluting 10 years of patient care by giving back to the communities where we work and live.

Inspired by a vision of a healthier world, Astellas is seeing green.

Learn more about how Astellas is changing tomorrow.

Learn how Astellas demonstrates our dedication to both scientific innovation and our local community.

What company gives you five paid days off to volunteer in your community? Astellas.

Read about our commitment to transparency under the Federal Physician Payment Sunshine Act and U.S. State disclosure laws and regulations.

Learn more about how Astellas is helping our communities to live smart.

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