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As part of its commitment to health education and awareness, Astellas Pharma US has launched a multifaceted initiative to raise awareness of overactive bladder (OAB) — an under-recognized, treatable medical condition. The initiative helps patients identify the physical and emotional burden that OAB puts on their lives—their “OAB Reality”—and encourages them to talk to their health care professionals about how OAB affects them. The initiative comprises a unique mix of educational programs, including the following:

Healthy Women Partnership —an OAB Resource Center on, the nation's leading independent health information source for women, that includes in-depth information about the condition and support for women (available at

National TV vignettes —a series of commercials that highlight the impact of OAB in relatable, everyday situations. The vignettes encourage women not to delay taking action if they suspect they have OAB and to talk to their health care professionals and take advantage of available educational tools, such as, to learn about the condition.


National radio spots —brief segments that educate about OAB and connect with women affected by the condition.

Doctor’s office materials —patient screening brochures and in-office communications that educate and raise awareness about OAB.

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